Skills Audits

To ensure your talent assessment and development is robust and fit for purpose to secure a leadership talent pipeline, it’s important to have understanding of where your skills lie, and where there are areas for improvement within your organisation. A talent matters skills audit will help you refine your recruitment needs so that you are able to find the most appropriate candidates to help you achieve your business goals. 

Our approach


A skills audit highlights the skills and knowledge within your organisation, which competency gaps are present and where training or recruitment might be required.


We review the existing competencies within your organisation and assess individuals against their current position and future positions to identify the immediate and future skills gaps. Our skills auditing tool allows us to identify risk areas and assist with training requirements.


A skills audit results in identifying risk areas within the organisation, development needs, and strategic priorities to meet business goals.

Our Solutions

Embed talent management in your organization with our structured approach towards identifying and managing talent


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