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At TM we use the Evalex suite of products because of their integrative nature of their design and our belief that they are the best in the market currently.


Unique to Evalex psychometrics is its ability to provide clients with a fully integrated view of an individual across cognitive ability, personality, work styles, values and interests. Evalex has researched and developed all of their own psychometric tools, built them on a similar philosophy and normed them against the same population groups. This level of integration is almost impossible to achieve using tests from different suppliers, based on different philosophies and norm groups, to form an assessment solution as well as the validity of ‘mixing’ psychometrics.


Evalex psychometrics consists of several carefully chosen assessment instruments based on research into the drivers of performance in the world of work. These instruments have been in use since the early 1980s well researched and all of them with best-in-class validity coefficients. The instruments have been registered with the professional board for psychology at the health professions council of South Africa.


Based on an assessment of 68 dimensions, a rich tapestry of patterns and connections influencing how the person functions provide an insight into typical roles s/he will succeed in, possible inhibitors, the ideal level of functioning (complexity) as well as development actions for growth.

Our approach


Employ a robust approach to recruitment and selection using psychometric assessments and assessment centres to help shortlist candidates.


Unique to us is our ability to provide clients with a fully integrated view of an individual across the disciplines of cognitive ability, personality, work styles, values and interests.


We help to identify high potential applicants and assist with the final selection decisions using objective methods, helping to ensure candidates have the required skills for the job.

Our Solutions

Embed talent management in your organization with our structured approach towards identifying and managing talent


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