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Transactional level (Administration, Clerical and Service)


The EvaleX 10 is a psychometric test battery consisting of 3 instruments (Cognition, Personality, and Interests), assessing the key behavioural competencies that have proven to be the main drivers of effective performance predictors at work levels 1 to 1,5. This is a battery that is ideal at work levels 1,0 to 1,5 where typical scenarios and positions include:


  • Annual learner-ship intakes.
  • Clerical roles in finance, HR, operations, sales.
  • Identification of talent to promote to team leader and supervisory level.
  • As a first hurdling process (assessment) to ascertain suitability to progress a candidate to a more extensive recruitment and assessment level.


Entry to the world of work Assessments


Evalex’s cloud-based, online assessment Odyssey solution is able to assess entry-level talent in emerging market economies for a fraction of the cost. It consists of a series of assessments and experiences that provide knowledge and understanding of talent, leading to a journey of meaningful work and a prosperous career.


Entry to work level jobs demand incumbents to be able to do the following:

  • Understand and execute instructions according to work procedure
  • Elementary problem solving
  • Classification and matching
  • Work speed and productivity
  • Numerical literacy
  • English literacy
  • Training response


Unlike other solutions on the market, Odyssey focuses more on understanding work processes and training. Odyssey is a cloud-based, online assessment solution to assess readiness to enter the world of work. It is easy to distribute, quick to roll out, and highly cost effective even when testing large volumes of candidates. Odyssey’s tablet app can also run assessments offline in environments where internet access is not available.

Research: In one of the research studies undertaken so far, involving a large sample of employees, those selected using Odyssey achieved a 38% higher productivity on the job. In another study a correlation between assessment results and job performance of 0,47 was achieved.

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