Evalex Assessments & the Psychology of High Performance

We use evalex human capital solutions to ensure the potency and efficiency of our talent management consulting practice. Evalex is a market leader in talent management that is staffed by qualified and experienced registered psychologists and psychometrists.


They offer a comprehensive range of human capital management solutions for today’s world of work through an advanced cloud-based software application. They have a 35+ year track record in helping organisations with talent management solutions. They have developed their own assessment and psychometric tools in the areas of cognition, personality, styles, values, interests, technical competencies and assessment centre simulations, all of which are well researched with proven validity and reliability and widely used in the industry.


As depicted below, formal assessment and psychometric assessment offer the best way to predict capability and potential. Compared to the interview, for example, an assessment centre offers approximately three times the predictive validity.


Evalex assessments are informed by the psychology of high performance. This is based on extensive and ongoing research into high impact corporate leadership as well as high-performance teams, individuals and companies. Work performance has been proven to be the result of five human constructs that form a grouping of traits that lead to either success or failure. These patterns of traits within an individual provide us with powerful information as to the typical roles in which the person will be successful, the level/complexity of the role at which s/he will be effective, possible inhibitors to performance and development strategies required for growth.



Evalex talent solutions developed a high-performance competency framework that has evolved through years of research into the factors that drive high performance in organisations. The five core constructs that drive performance translates into 14 behavioural competencies as illustrated below.


Behavioural Competence Framework


Evalex psychometrics consists of carefully chosen assessment instruments based on research into the drivers of performance in the world of work. These instruments have been in use since the early 1980s and have been well researched, all with best-in-class validity coefficients.


The comprehensive talent assessment covers aspects of the individual relating to what evalex have figuratively referred to as the “head”, the “heart” and the “hands” (being cognition, personality & interests and demonstrated competence respectively) as illustrated below.


Our Assessments

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