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Our assessments are made up of carefully chosen combinations of simulation measurements and psychometric instruments. They generate information that enhances talent management selection and development decisions. They are structured for application from clerical and blue-collar level, through graduate trainees, junior, middle and senior management and up to top executive positions.


Evalex’s assessment solutions have been designed and developed to assess key drivers of performance at the seven levels of work identified by Elliot Jaques. Jacques is the renowned author and creator of the theory of Stratified Systems Thinking (SST). This ground-breaking contribution towards understanding the nature of work – and how systems operate at different levels of management – has had a profound influence on the talent management process. SST emerged a few decades ago and has stood the test of time as one of the cornerstone theories in organisation development. Jaques identified seven levels of work. Evalex has developed assessment solutions to cover the total reach of all seven levels. The purpose of each solution is to assess the behaviour required for success at each successive level.


Latest research findings indicate that assessment centres as more powerful predictors than cognitive and personality tests for managerial and leadership roles. It has been confirmed that as you go higher the organisational hierarchy, technical competencies become progressively less important whilst personality and cognitive abilities and, more significantly, leadership and management competencies progressively become more critical. The chart below refers.


The research indicates that high impact corporate leaders tend to show superior competence in dealing with six key situations or events. Evalex have developed assessment simulation around the resulting leadership framework as depicted in the chart below.


What is in our assessment centre? (Leadership situations): To be effective, a leader must be able to deal effectively with six critical management situations, all of which are dealt with in EBS. The chart below refers.


  • Leadership in problem analysis and decision-making (digital animated interactive performance-based exercise): EBS present a business problem in an online environment where the candidate interacts with information in a dynamic way to assess problem solving and decision effectiveness competence.
  • Leadership in general management (inbox): Typical organisational and management issues are dealt with, such as procurement, process design, cash flow and analysis of financial figures.
  • Leadership in project management (business case): This involves translating strategic direction of the business into a project plan.
  • Leadership in staff management (caselets): This includes typical staff management issues such as performance, skills development, remuneration and unions.
  • Leadership in client relationship management (caselets): Here we look at typical client management issues including service delivery, client complaints and pricing.
  • Leadership in interaction management (role play) A number of business issues are dealt with in an interactive situation.


Assessment - Evalex Leadership Framework


The key leadership and managerial work areas demand increasing competence in job incumbents as one progresses up the organisational hierarchy.

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