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High performance organisations are characterised by strong organisational cultures. Building a robust and relevant corporate culture is one of the most crucial organisational development interventions. But how do we go about doing it? How do those very successful industry leading companies achieve a strong organisational culture? Evalex Culture is the solution we offer.  Our 360 and culture surveys are based on a high-performance culture framework. They use the Evalex Culture system to process data gathered via questionnaires.


The Evalex 360° culture assessment application is one of 11 modules in the Evalex Talent Eco System. Whether you need to do a 360-leadership assessment or a culture survey, this powerful application with sophisticated functionalities enables us to facilitate this process. In a 360° leadership assessment you gain a panorama of perceptions and views on an individual. The assessors could include their peers or direct reports, their manager, their manager’s peers — along with people outside the organisation, such as customers and suppliers. For a culture survey, the same software capabilities are required – also a 360° view, but of corporate values rather than leadership competencies. The culture survey is the roll-up of the individual value questionnaire results.


The Evalex Culture/360 module presents us with state-of-the-art questionnaires for both leadership development and culture surveys. It also allows for an automated approach to managing surveys. A scheduling facility allows us to program assessments to take place at pre-defined date ranges and to collect samples of data rather than surveying everyone in the company.


Evalex offers a number of pre-formatted questionnaires for culture surveys, as well as the option to build your own according to your own values. All questionnaires are distributed through a software application.


The Leadership 360° questionnaire is aligned with the competencies assessed in the Evalex30 and 40 Leadership Assessment Centre, which makes the 360 questionnaire a great tool to stimulate and track development of areas identified in the assessment centre. Development areas may also include behavioural competencies as observed on the job, and through interactions with peers, direct reports, line managers and other key stakeholders. The outcomes of this process can be used as the basis of a discussion between an employee and his or her line manager to establish which development interventions would be most appropriate for his or her needs.

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